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KBP Foods

YEAR: 2019

INDUSTRY: Commercial



FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS: Knoll, SquareOne, Humanscale, DatesWeiser, Global Furniture Group, OFS, Restoration Hardware, JSI, ESI, Industry West, Claridge


PHOTOGRAPHY: Baron Contracting

In 2019, Spaces was awarded the opportunity to be KBP Food’s new workplace furniture provider for their second location. The style to be accomplished was a mix of high end residential meets luxury lounge.

Spaces was thrilled to take on the challenge of accomplishing the functional office environment and combining their luxury lounge style into a space to remember. We did a stain to match for all the new private offices so all offices in the old and new building would match if combined into one space in the future. We outfitted 39 private offices, a reception area, three small conference rooms, a training war room, a large conference room, break area and a lounge meeting room. Each design reflected the personality and work style of the individual working within the space.

This project turned out absolutely amazing from the custom marble front desk to the beautiful meeting room tables to the jaw dropping 18’ marble conference table. KBP Food’s definitely has a space that is reflective of the driven and energetic workplace culture.

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