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Why Is The Spaces Team Unique: Learn About Our Space Planning & Design Approach

Spaces, Inc. prides itself on innovation, creativity, talent and a fun company culture. The company has had the privilege of working with the best clients in a variety of industries. Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what drives our unique culture, so we decided to share with you what makes us tick.

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The Spaces team has a unique approach when it comes to utilizing talent. Spaces employees come from a variety of backgrounds in the realm of design. The team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry, which truly makes us stand out amongst others. Our project managers assist the creative and innovative designers to accomplish client projects on time and exceed expectations. Instead of the entire company working on one project at a time, the project managers select the designers that would be the very best fit for the project. This creates unique teams that are constructed to achieve the client’s vision.

Type of Projects
Another factor that makes Spaces unique is our projects. Not only does Spaces design the coolest and most eco-friendly projects, but we also specialize in creating a custom experience for every client. From higher ed and legal to healthcare to government agencies, we strive to create a one-of-a-kind space and experience for each client. Our strategy is to implement a hands-on, open minded environment with an “open door” policy that ensures strong communication with all members. We are team oriented and want everyone to grow, not only within themselves, but also together.

High Quality Work Ethic
No one likes a dull work environment and at Spaces we have anything but that! Although Spaces has a very laid back and creative atmosphere, when it comes to work ethic the energy is extremely high. You will see the same commitment and energy, whether it’s from our president or across our team. There is motivation within the office to jump to the “next level”. Rarely is there a moment when someone is afraid to try something new or take a new approach, which keeps everyone excited and on their toes.


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