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Tips And Benefits to Relax At Work

August 15, 2015 is National Relaxation Day, a reminder to take a breath and pause during hectic work days. By creating a relaxing workspace, companies put everyone in a happier and more relaxed mood. There are many benefits to taking a minute to bring out your inner zen.

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 Clear The Clutter
What is more overwhelming than walking into work and seeing piles of paper on your desk? If you tend to hoard old documents, take a minute to sort through them. Keep the items you need and toss what you don’t. A clean, clear space can bring a clear mind and help ease you into a more relaxed state of mind. An organized workspace can increase productivity as well as lower stress levels.

Add A Ergonomic Chair
You are probably sitting in front of a computer for hours at your office and sitting for long amounts of time. Sitting like this can cause strain on your neck and back. An ergonomic chair supports your back when you need it the most and also evokes good posture. Try to keep your body in ergonomic positions throughout the day to promote health and wellness. To start your day right, try Generation by Knoll to create an ergonomic and relaxing work environment.

Take Breaks
Create a schedule for yourself starting the moment you get to work. Allow yourself 90 minutes to work straight through and be productive. After that time is up, take a breather by turning off your computer and stepping away from your desk to walk around the office or grab a glass of water. ZenHabits also recommends you perform a mini-meditation in a quiet corner.
August 15th is the perfect reminder to take the necessary steps to make sure that your workplace promotes relaxation and a stress-free environment.

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