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The Importance Of Workplace Design For Workflow Productivity

The Importance Of Workplace Design For Workflow Productivity

The design of an office space directly affects the productivity and happiness of its employees. While many people are busy working all day, they may not have the time to notice just how their environment is affecting their work. Freshome offers great ideas on how to integrate better designs throughout the workplace to increase productivity.

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Neutral tones are traditional layouts are in the past and studies prove that they may actually be harming work productivity. The most common colors incorporated in designs are shades of blue and green. These colors help generate ideas and allow employees to better complete and perform tasks while shades of red help with attention to specific details.

The shape of particular things, such as the building, furniture pieces and layout are very important in designing a workspace, but shape is often overlooked. Round or curved furniture helps employees think more creatively.

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“Sleek, clean lines and neutral tones” is a phrase of the past. What employees are looking for and wanting today is more personality and familiarity in the workplace. Employees who work in a fun and clutter-free, yet decorate office space were more positive toward other employees throughout the work day.

The temperature creates problematic circumstance in any work environment. Since everyone prefers a different temperature, it’s hard to find something that most people will agree on. Studies suggest keeping the temperatures in between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Though this won’t fix all the problems, it will still allow people to get their work done in an efficient manner.

Workspace planning and design is important in order to keep employees happy and productive. If your office doesn’t seem to reflect you feel about it, maybe it’s time to take some of these ideas and give your office the design makeover it deserves.

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