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Technology Builds Your Vision

The Power of ICE helping build the Spaces Experience!

It’s a videogame for design – with brains for business. ICE® software provides graphical, interactive exploration of your design. Everyone is on the same page and understands the big picture. Meanwhile, behind the scenes your design is instantly calculated into the parts, pieces, connections and pricing. Changing it? even in 3D? Not a problem. ICE automatically updates every aspect. Ultimately, that information goes to the DIRTT factory where your Walls are precisely manufactured without human interpretation.

The ICE software platform looks and acts like a videogame, but really it is your giant controller. You and your design team explore and modify your design in interactive real-time 3D, while the ICE brain prices the design and produces the data to build everything.

What you see is what you get – to the penny and within a decimal point of a millimeter, automatically by using ICE Software.

ICE feeds your design directly into the DIRTT production facilities. No chance for human error. No time wasted. In as little as two weeks, your unique project is complete and on its way to you.

Can VR Provide Measurable Value? 

But from a business perspective, why should an organization choose this method of communication over technologies that have been established for years? In short, what is VR’s business value? Many business leaders become uneasy when they learn traditional success metrics cannot yet be applied to VR, and the idea of entering uncharted territory can be daunting. However, if you allow your understanding of what constitutes successful communication to expand, you’ll quickly learn that VR has already started to produce astounding results that challenge and even exceed what traditional media has been able to capture in the past.

VR technology provides tools for hands-on education with both internal and external audiences. It can help brands tell deep stories that impact consumers on an emotional level. And it can even boost internal processes that result in improved employee culture or increased productivity. So the most important question a company can contemplate when deciding if VR will help them achieve their objective is, “What do we expect to gain from a VR experience?”

Initial results of VR case studies have been overwhelmingly positive and valuable. Results such as increased sales, more positive brand perception, more informed consumers, and even more productive internal operations have each been observed in multiple cases (see How VR Can Add Value for examples). And for consumers, it’s a way to connect with a brand on an emotional level or provide them with an immersive experience they are already trying to seek out. The capabilities of VR are vast, but it will take pioneers in this new medium to unlock its greatest potential.

With VR being accessible on a mass scale for just under two years, we’re still in the infancy of its assimilation into daily routine. But as businesses and consumers begin to understand and accept VR as common practice, rather than a one-off spectacle, the adoption rate will quickly accelerate. We aren’t just observing a short-lived blip of the early 21st century zeitgeist. VR/AR is the medium of our time that, as McLuhan once put it, will reshape how we live our social and personal lives for years to come. So start exploring, start testing and be on the forefront of discovering what is truly possible through the application of VR.

How VR Can Add Value to Your Organization

Increased sales.

  • 53% of consumers said they’d be more likely to purchase from a brand that uses VR than from one that doesn’t.

Increased positive brand perception.

  • 71% of consumers agree that a brand using VR is forward-thinking and modern

More emotional impact than other media

  • The impact and messaging of VR leads to a direct increase in desirable actions over other mediums

Providing consumers with an immersive experience that they are already trying to seek out.

  • 65% of consumers who haven’t tried VR are interested in experiencing it

More informed consumers that are willing to shop with retailers for longer periods of time.

  • 68% spend more time at a retailer if they can shop with AR.

Increased productivity for internal processes.

  • On average, augmented reality can help improve productivity on tasks by 32%.


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