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Spaces Project Profile – Douglas Omaha Technology Commission (dot.comm)

Spaces Project Profile – Douglas Omaha Technology Commission (dot.comm)


The Douglas Omaha Technology Commission, also known as dot.comm, renovated their 31,000 square foot offices and hired Spaces, Inc to complete the design and installation for the private offices, training room, executive conference room, break room and work stations. The entire project cost $120,000.

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HDR Architecture was also on the project. Spaces worked with the lead architect and Douglas County to define the scope of the technology center. Douglas County wanted durable and reconfigurable products to keep up with evolving technology needs. Currents Service Wall was chosen for high density wiring and to encourage a lighter and more flexible open office design that could not be achieved with traditional panels. Currents Mobile pedestals were chosen for under-desk storage for private workstations. Upstart table desks were also chosen for a flexible design and tech solution.


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The conference rooms utilized Propeller Peanut Base conference tables for technology management. The tables are made in such a way that electrical components and wires are run through the table to stay hidden, but are also easily accessible if changes are needed. Propeller Peanut Base flip and nest training tables were also used in the training rooms.

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The private offices utilized Magnusson desks in Maple veneer to match the office design scheme. Ricchio JR Arm Chairs were used for guest seating across from the private office desks.

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Knoll furniture was utilized for ergonomic benefits as well. Throughout the office space, Sapper Monitor Arms are installed for ergonomic-friendly adjustments depending on who is working at that station. Generation by Knoll chairs are also used throughout the office. Generation chairs support a variety of positions so employees can stay comfortable all day long.


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