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Spaces, Inc. Project Profile: Van Trust Real Estate

Spaces, Inc. Project Profile: Van Trust Real Estate

The real estate business moves at a frenetic pace and requires an office space that is welcoming to clients. The environment must be functional for the employees but also provide comfort and an inviting space for clients that helps them feel at ease.  Spaces, Inc. harnessed their extensive interior architecture and design expertise to assist Van Trust Real Estate in redesigning their Kansas City office. Van Trust Real Estate, a full service real estate development company with a regional and national scope, wanted to take a more modern approach to the design of their 43 private offices, eight open offices, three conference rooms, lobby and lounge. Spaces, Inc. worked with the Opus Group in order to create a professional space that brought the client’s vision to life.

Spaces, Inc. collaborated with employees at Van Trust to create the ideal environment. The team was initially given photos of a  furniture series to use as an aesthetic guide to drive the creative process.. The ideas that our team provided matched  Van Trust’s goals and vision for their new space. We worked with them to strategize the budget while not compromising the overall aesthetic.

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One of the innovations found in the new space was the introduction of a height adjustable, 120 degree work surface for every office and open office workstation. This inventive detail has been well received by the client, with Van Trust associates reporting that they enjoy the option to stand while working.
In order to create a productive and aesthetically pleasing office space that kept within the set budget, Spaces, Inc. used products and designs from providers such as Knoll, Global, HBF, Hightower, ERG International, Studio Q and Nucraft. These top of the line modern products created a workspace that was in keeping with Van Trust’s high standards of excellence. In order to make the conference rooms stand out, Spaces, Inc. used two large conference tables, one a high level and one a small high level table, built by Square One, creating an efficient and appealing space to meet.


Spaces, Inc. welcomes all clients and any challenge they may present. Our unique and talented team loved working with Van Trust Real Estate. To design your new space with Spaces, Inc. call us at (913) 894-8900.

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