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Spaces, Inc has a New Look and Brand Story

Spaces, Inc Has A New Look And Brand Story

Spaces Rebrand Story

After a year in ideation and reflecting on 25 years of successful business, Spaces, Inc. now has a new look! Our values remain the same as our commitment to modern design continues to flourish in a new era of workplace intelligence and our interior designs inspire and impact our clients in ways that have never been experienced before. So, as we begin the next 25 years of significance in our industry, we thought it was the perfect time to bring a fresh image to our current message.

If you have ever gone through a re-brand, you will find that it takes you to places you never thought you would go. I mean, what about that first glance or that first thought that someone has about your business just by seeing your logo or reading your slogan? It just might be that first step that brings interest and credibility to next steps that become a business relationship for life. Then how do you build the why, the how, the what; the message that in just a few seconds tells about your core business and intrigues someone enough that they have to know more.

In 1993, we were Spaces the contract office furniture and space planning company. Located in Lenexa, Kansas with a commitment to serve our clients as we wish to be treated ourselves. We have this team philosophy that we know has relevance and elevates the client experience, but how do you communicate that differentiation to potential business partners. Our manufacturing partner soon became Knoll, one of the greatest designers of modern furniture of all time. Office furniture solutions that were engineered with sustainability in mind long before that was a priority. Flash forward 10 years and we are installing and providing workplace services. Move just a few more years into the future and we are in the manufactured interior construction business with our partner DIRTT Environmental Solutions.

Throughout the evolution of business and our expertise, there has always been these amazing clients and industry influencers who have recognized our differences and believed in our mission. They were confident that investing in Spaces was a safe and secure, long-term good decision. We have served many of these clients for 25 years and each year we make new friends and solve new workplace challenges with great pride and appreciation. It truly is the customers that make us who we are and allow us to get better and become more through their needs, their projects, and their business goals.

Today, we are a complete interior solution provider of workplace intelligence, solutions, and implementation. We are thought leaders in our industry taking innovation to impact and success to significance to another level. We deliver an experience of workplace change that is inspirational and brings excitement for what is next. Every day we revolutionize the interior design and construction process for a result that positively impacts individuals and the way they work, educate, learn and provide care.

The story of Spaces will continue to unfold. Our new image is unique to us and reflects how we feel moving forward with clarity and confidence. “Designing Modern Interiors” that’s really what we do each and every day. Is there a consultative approach? Always. Are our resources for exploration, expertise, research, and ideas deep? Very. Will our key manufacturing partners allow us to design so each need can be met with own solution? Without question. Are we creative in our ideas with the future in mind? Yes. Do we develop implementation strategies “what ifs” and contingencies in mind? For certain. Will the same team that served you day one serve you on day two? Absolutely.

Spaces chose “modern” because it means present time, stylish, up-to-date. As a thought leader for workplace change, we are committed to designing solutions that carry our clients into the future; whether that future is 1 year or 25 years+. The investment must be agile and adaptable so there is relevancy at all phases of business. The Spaces journey has been filled with challenge, abundance and success. There has never been more excitement and energy than right now! We are truly without words on how inspirational it is to know that we have the ideas, the experts, and the solutions that will significantly impact the interiors of today and tomorrow!

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