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Spaces, Inc. Examines the Millennial’s Effect on Office Design

Millennials, perhaps one of the biggest emerging groups in the workforce, are beginning to expect employers to adjust the age old model of the office to better suit productivity. In a study published by AFRWeekend, researchers found that close to 70 percent of adults aged between 22 and 29 years old were more concerned with the office environment than with the benefits offered by a company. According to the study, Millennials seem to have an affinity towards employers who provide flexible working hours and locations closer to home. This preference stems from the desire to reduce commuting and interact with their community at work. To them a community is a place that allows them to relax, socialize and engage with one another.


The ability to think forward is proving to be vital for companies as they design office spaces that reflect similar attitudes in the younger generation. says that the layout of an office is the first clue as to a company’s culture. The traditional layout of tall cubicles and neutral colors combined with a closed off floor plan may create a mental idea of a strict organizational hierarchy. By lowering walls and instituting a more open floor plan, employers create a space that is seen as collaborative.

Cubicle Farm

Spaces, Inc. has solved this very issue for a company in Kansas City. Mass Mutual, a company that specializes in life insurance and retirement plans needed to redesign their office to better serve the employees. We helped design a space that was more inviting and encouraged collaboration. The traditional cubicles were broken down to a shorter height that used glass as part of the partition. This allowed for greater visibility and an increase in desired collaboration between employees. To see a testimonial from the client click here.

Redesigned Space 2 Redesigned Space1

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