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Spaces, Inc. Employees Celebrate Creative Romance Month

If you speak with any of the employees at Spaces, Inc., you will find that they are more like family than coworkers. The culture is one to be admired; creativity soars, help is freely given and the the employees have fun doing what they love. For Creative Romance Month, we interviewed a few of them to find out what they love most about working at Spaces.


Lene Yeo, account executive at Spaces, Inc., is a veteran with eleven years under her belt. She has truly seen the company grow over the years. Yeo’s enjoys being surrounded by individuals that support her and that she enjoys working around. Lene said, “The work culture at Spaces is huge.” Lene has enjoyed working with Honeywell due to the high collaboration with her co-workers and smooth project progression when asked about most memorable projects.

Like her colleague, Amy Pierce, business development at Spaces, Inc., has the same outlook on the culture within the company. Pierce has been with the company for six years and wouldn’t work anywhere else. She believes the culture and people she works with separate Spaces Inc. from other firms.

Pierce said, “The work culture that Spaces has is different than any other company I’ve worked for.” When asked about her favorite project she mentioned working with Axelacare, P1 Group and Gilmore & Bell due to the detail her team was able to incorporate into their designs.

Brooks McCormick, project manager at Spaces, Inc., has been with the company for five months and in that short time explained, “People are always willing to help and pick you up when you’re down.” Brooks enjoyed working with Children’s Mercy due to the way his team has been able to mix and match furniture and other products with them. He also got to survey a project with Avila University and enjoyed watching Dirtt’s ability to integrate technology with architecture.

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