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Spaces, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years of Inspiring and Innovative Workspace Design

Spaces, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years Of Inspiring And Innovative Workspace Design

Interior architectural and workspace design firm Spaces, Inc. is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Chris McCormack, CEO of Spaces, said that the workspace design industry has come a long way in the last two decades, and he hopes that Spaces will continue to be at the forefront of the industry. McCormack added that one of the biggest industry changes he has seen since founding the company was the disappearance of private offices and new trend towards open spaces.

McCormack said, “The days of positioning private offices around the perimeter of a building are quickly disappearing. We see a lot of companies converting to a more open office layout where natural light impacts everyone. Modern architecture supports all types of technology, and it keeps people connected and creative in a variety of settings. This environment in turn, supports many types of work and activity which allow people to meet both formally and informally. No matter the setting, from a room, out in the open office, at a collaborative table or by using video conferencing, communication is being encouraged in a much easier and inexpensive way.”

He added that manufacturers are making a more noticeable impact on the space planning and design industry today versus 20 years ago. “Manufacturers have expanded product offerings and given designers more tools to pick from to create a more interesting and ergonomic work space,” he said. “Today we have furniture pieces that support a more dynamic worker with different needs. Providing today’s companies with flexibility and interesting materials when space planning results in people having a much more dynamic and fun workplace where they can easily connect with their fellow associates.”

McCormack has designed his own company culture and office space to emulate that of the latest industry trends. Take a tour of the Spaces office and experience the creative, family-like company culture. “It is a collaborative effort by everyone here to do what is right and what is best for our customers,” he said, “We are very entrepreneurial as a group. We take great strides to keep bureaucracy out of our business. That in and of itself weeds those out who need a more structured work life. Our motto is to work hard and then play hard.”

McCormack explained that they didn’t reinvent the wheel when Spaces was founded 20 years ago. “My primary motivation for founding the company was the fact that no other company provided the level of service that I felt should be offered. More often than not, customers are also our friends. We want to be a resource for any need they may have in or out of our industry. Our joint experience equals literally hundreds of years of expertise in our industry. In addition, we have associates in peripheral arenas, which means that even if we can’t provide something for you, there is a good chance we know someone with the expertise you need.”

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