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Spaces Employee Profile: Lene Yeo

Spaces Employee Profile: Lene Yeo


Spaces, Inc is proud to have so many great employees working for the company. We like them so much that we decided to showcase one employee in a monthly Spaces employee profile! This week we are taking a look at Lene who works in sales at Spaces, Inc.

Lene Yeo, sales at Spaces, Inc
Lene Yeo, sales at Spaces, Inc.

About Lene
From a young age, Lene was trained to be an excellent communicator. She says, “I grew up in a small town in Iowa and helped my dad with his large-animal veterinary practice. As kids, we answered the phone and communicated on the handheld radio back to dad in his truck when he was on duty nights and weekends. My brothers and I also went on calls to farms and helped out while visiting with farmers about their lives and animals.”

Today, Lene lives with Brian, her husband of 16 years, and her 15 year old son Zach. When she is not working at Spaces, Lene enjoys photography, painting, hiking, exercising and walking the family dog. She loves spending time with her family, traveling and going to Zach’s sporting events and school functions. Lene describes herself as effective and states her words to live by as: “Be kind to others and believe in yourself.”

Professional Experience and Education
Lene has an amazing 31 years of industry experience along with a Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design from Iowa State University. She worked as an interior designer and space planner in the furniture dealer world for 11 years. After that, she worked as an interior designer in an architectural firm for five years. In 2000, she began selling office furniture.

Why She Loves Working at Spaces, Inc
“I love the people. They are dedicated, talented, smart and fun and I consider them my second family. I also love the showroom. It gives us a wonderful place to live and work. It is warm and inviting while giving us a fabulous selling tool and is the best in the city. Additionally, I enjoy working with my team and communicating ideas and product applications back to the client to continue the design process. We work hard to develop the best combination of products, materials and interior solutions to give clients a more productive space and a wonderful environment to spend their workday.”



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