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Spaces Co-Sponsors the IIDA Design Dash 5K with Knoll

Spaces Co-Sponsors The IIDA Design Dash 5K With Knoll


On April 25, 2015, Spaces helped sponsor the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Design Dash 5K Tie Dye Run with Knoll and Knoll Textiles. The race was a fun and easy-going event to help promote health and wellness, both inside and outside of the office.




Spaces and Knoll sponsored the race and provided pamphlets to help educate participants about the importance of being active and healthy. It’s difficult to find the time to stay active when we are working all week and playing catchup with chores and social events on the weekends, but both Spaces and Knoll wanted to promote the many easy ways to stay healthy.

Physical activity helps improve health and happiness. Studies show that people who are more physically active are happier and more productive, making your work day run smoothly. Activity can help prevent heart disease and help maintain weight.

The key to staying physically active is increasing heart rate, strengthening muscles and performing exercises that improve flexibility. These can all be achieved on a basic level by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, lifting weights at home or at the gym and by taking regular breaks at work to stretch.

In the pamphlet Spaces and Knoll provided at the race, there were some tips to achieve workplace well-being easily in the office. These included:

  • Offering connections to nature
  • Encouraging movement
  • Implementing standing meetings
  • Providing flexible work schedules
  • Discouraging working lunches
  • Make it easy for people to connect to promote collaboration and movement


Each year the Design Dash has a fun theme for participants to get involved with. This year participants were encouraged to wear their best Tie Dye colors. Team members from both Spaces and Knoll participated in the Tie Dye Run. Awards were given to the Best Dressed and the Fastest runners. John Kelly was the winner for the Fastest runner.

The Design Dash 5K helps fund the Karen W. Gould Fiber Department Project Award which honors Karen’s contributions to the local design community.

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