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Space Planning Firm Shares Why Using DIRTT Sustainable Solutions is Mother Nature Approved


DIRTT Sustainable Solutions is the future of sustainable and environmentally conscious interior design. Each project they take on, every piece they build is done so with a nod to Mother Nature herself.

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DIRTT Representative Thomas Wright believes that changing the way we build quite literally starts at the ground up. Wright says, “Our strategic emphasis is focused on fundamentally changing the construction process with prefabricated, modular and reusable solutions. DIRTT’s highly efficient factory-based construction keeps initial costs low and radically reduces the economic and environmental cost of interior changes over time.”

What’s more? The company practices a laundry list of eco-friendly programs including their proprietary software called ICE. The software allows them to work in smaller facilities at lower costs and with fewer mistakes because of computed efficiency and less room for human-error.

Because of their environmentally conscious programs in place, DIRTT operates more efficiently and can cut costs where competitors cannot. But they don’t feel that is something to brag about.

Wright hopes their business model will be used by companies of all types. He explained, “We strive to be the change we want to see with the goal of inspiring our clients and other stakeholders to adopt similarly sustainable behaviors and to Build better™.”

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