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Space Planning Firm Reviews Top 2016 Workspace Design Trends

With the new year right around the corner, new office space trends are emerging. Office designs will continue to evolve into a more open and collaborative space rather than a hallway lined with offices.

The Open Office
The modern work space shows a preference for collaborative work and open workspaces over traditional individual offices. According to Forbes, over 70% of Americans currently work in “open concept” offices. This open concept was popularized by the tech industry, which nods to collaboration and innovation. Companies that favor this concept have shared spaces, designed for specific tasks, rather than for specific people. Companies such as Google and Facebook are incorporating this design tactic in their office spaces.


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Lifestyle Amenities
Another point on employees’ wish lists is an office with lifestyle amenities. Lounges, outdoor space and gourmet food are becoming more common in workplaces as employers look for new ways to retain the best talent. When offices are enjoyable places to be, productivity increases.


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Beefed-Up Tech Infrastructure
In a modern workspace the emphasis on technology can’t be overstated. Office design must place a large priority on infrastructure to support technology requirements of tenants. This includes adequate bandwidth, high-performance telecommunications and well-placed access points. Many tenants are also on the lookout for smart building technology, which allows for automatic management of systems and security.

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Photo credit to PivotDesk

Green Building Practices
Smart technology can enhance energy efficiency which is a huge concern of office tenants. Many companies choose to lease LEED certified space and see energy conservation as a cost saving and desirable part of their company’s image. Energy efficient lighting and green construction are very important to many employers and usually have a positive impact on productivity.

As we move into 2016, efficiency and flexibility are the main priorities in office spaces. Office design should be responsive and offer tenants the options that meet their needs, while also providing an enjoyable and functional space. To read the full article visit:

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