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Space Planning Firm Reviews Top 2016 Workspace Design Trends – Part II

Space Planning Firm Reviews Top 2016 Workspace Design Trends – Part II

In part II of our review of workspace design trends coming in 2016, we share Officing Today’s predictions. In 2016, the focus will be on wellness trends, fun and entertainment trends, and open space and privacy trends. Many companies seem to struggle with noise levels in offices, thus making open space and privacy trends huge for next year.

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Poppins Predictions
Poppins is a manufacturer of workplace furniture and supplies, based in New York City. They design products that are stylish, functional and accessible. Head Designer Jeff Miller predicts open floor plans with flexibility for privacy. Lots of people want more interaction between co-workers, but are opposed to open offices. Designing more products that encourage inter- and intra-team exchange, while mitigating sound and providing privacy, would be very popular in offices. Standing desks have become a trend since their health benefits were discovered. Adding these desks welcomes more communication and encourages impromptu chats and collaboration.

Studies show that people are more productive after fun activities. Incorporating office game tables promotes friendly competition and a quick break between meetings and daily tasks. Along with game tables, designated lounge areas make the workplace more enjoyable. The comfort of home allows for relaxed and collaborative activity.

Nemo Tile Predictions
This New York based company offers myriad options in surface materials, from ceramic, porcelain and stone to stainless steel and glass. Design Director of Nemo Tile, Katie Michael-Battaglia, offers her predictions. The first one being bold use of color and patterns. In regards to materials, you can expect more colors and patterns with hints of richness, such as metallics and stone with bold veining. The prominent feature in tile is unique shapes. Good-bye to the standard square and rectangles and hello to hexagons, rhomboids, lanterns and chevron!

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Photo courtesy of Nemo Tile

The last prediction coming from Nemo Tile is getting the look for less! Selecting high end materials that are actually affordable and practical will be prominent in 2016.

Teknion Predictions
Teknion is dedicated to innovative and sustainable design, and provides a diverse portfolio of office systems, furnishings, soft-seating, ergonomic accessories and architectural products. The company’s versatile and integrated furniture products support workplace wellness, responding to essential human needs and behaviors. Steve Delfino, vice president of corporate marketing and product management, makes his prediction for office space trends in 2016.

As mentioned previously, open areas will be among the workspace design trends in 2016. However, many employees prefer quiet spaces to focus and complete tasks. This coming year, we will see the needs for both privacy and openness merge allowing for a workplace that fits every type of worker.

That’s a wrap for 2015! Be on the lookout for these work space trends throughout the new year!

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