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Sleek and Flexible: Interior Glass Inspires New Office Design Trends

Sleek And Flexible: Interior Glass Inspires New Office Design Trends

As companies and their cultures evolve, workplace design continues to grow in importance. A well-designed office showcases a company’s culture and values to customers and employees alike. The value of office design is growing, in fact, according to Building Construction and Design, the average size of offices have shrunk by 30 percent over the past ten years.

To combat shrinking office sizes and promote an air of openness within the workplace, many companies are turning to the use of interior glass partitions. The use of glass allows for the creation of private offices but still give an appearance of openness. These partitions can range from basic glass walls to privacy glass that can be turned from clear to transparent when extra privacy is needed. With a wide variety in glass offerings, the flexibility that glass provides is another enormous benefit to companies. Glass is easy to install or move, depending on the needs of the business.

Interior Glass
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According to, modern office design is turning to glass for both aesthetic and ergonomic benefits. Glass walls are thin and create a sleek, modern look that can be paired with many styles of furniture. As well, by allowing an abundance of natural light to enter the office, employee productivity and creativity are enhanced. The use of interior glass also helps with technological integration. Many types of glass can be used as a projection surface when holding meetings or other functions that require a large viewing space.

As with every type of material, there are benefits and drawbacks to using glass partitions. When utilizing these walls, acoustic problems are often a concern for office designers. Glass doesn’t have the ability to incorporate the same noise reduction or canceling products that can be installed inside a traditional office wall. As well, when speaking on the phone, glass offices can give off a perceptible echo to the receiver of the call. That said, the use of proper noise-absorbing materials like wall fabrics, rugs and carpet tile can minimize the negative effects.

As modern design develops, the use of interior glass to provide both privacy and accessibility continues to grow. Glass gives businesses the ability to utilize less space but still promote a feeling of openness and collaboration. While other design trends may come and go, glass is here to stay.

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