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Project Profile – Ponzu Sushi

Project Profile – Ponzu Sushi


Spaces completed furniture design for Ponzu Sushi, a dining establishment with an eat-in bar, in December of 2011. The space for Ponzu Sushi’s design was 5,000 square feet and cost $28,000 to complete. Spaces worked with the owner to select furniture pieces that reflected the style of the restaurant. While Spaces chose many design elements for Ponzu Sushi, they primarily stuck with Knoll furniture pieces for ergonomic practicality and modern design.

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For the table and sushi bar area, white Spark series side chairs were used. The chair is named Spark because of the energy it brings to a space, a perfect furniture option for the sushi bar. The chairs are also comfortable and practical, pushing under the tables completely to leave room for walkways. At the bar, a higher seating option was needed. The owner chose Gigi Barstools for a sophisticated aesthetic. The swooped design of the chair is not only distinctive, but also provides strength and flexibility.

In addition to chairs, various table options were chosen for their use of space and their size in the restaurant. The color scheme was a contrast of whites, grays, browns and green to create a clean look throughout the restaurant.

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