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Project Profile: Municipal Building Redesign at City Hall of Kansas City

Spaces Inc. recently finished its innovative redesign of the municipal building floor at the City Hall of Kansas City.  This was the first renovation in 20 years.  The interior architectural and space planning firm gave the space a contemporary, yet classic look with fresh, bold colors and installed an embedded TV, iPad, video camera and eBeam touchscreen technology.



Chris McCormack, CEO of Spaces Inc said, “The municipal building floor was undergoing its first renovation in 20 years, and they wanted to future-proof their workspace for technology updates over the next decade. When designing the space, we wanted to use integrative technology while keeping the entire design as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.”

According to a DIRTT website, “When organizations choose more efficient space, suddenly their real estate costs are lower, energy bills are down, and pollution is lessened. In the bigger picture, even sprawl is mitigated. But to make efficient space desirable and functional it takes a good design team working with malleable components.”

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Spaces also adopted integrated technology withDIRTTwalls, and the team installed an embedded TV, iPad, video camera and eBeam touchscreen technology. DIRTT millwork completed the clean design in the conference and break rooms. Products used included solid walls, combination walls, modular millwork, embedded millwork and even a media wall. A fresh finish was given to the workspace using veneer, chromacoat, back painted glass, laminated glass, center painted glass, etched glass, clear tempered glass and anodized aluminum.

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