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Project Profile: MassMutual- Highpointe Financial

Project Profile: MassMutual- Highpointe Financial


Founded in 1851, MassMutual group has been helping people plan for their future across the country. Their primary purpose is to ensure a prosperous, stable and positive life for clients. So when HighPointe Financial, a member of MassMutual, approached Spaces, Inc to redesign their Overland Park office, we could not wait to help out this company with such rich and deep history in the American financial tapestry.

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The financial strategy group was looking for opportunities to re-energize their space and invigorate their team with a vibrant and spirited design. Under the leadership of Project Manager Michele Sonner, Designer Madeline Meier teamed up with Cody Kremer and Amy Pierce, a couple of our top sales reps, to develop a strategy and design approach to pitch directly to the client. The new and lively design focused on color splashes and open, dynamic floor plans which were catered towards collaboration and creative problem solving.

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The new conference room had a clear purpose: Create a clean, modern design with plenty of natural light. Below, fun take on whiteboards, orange boards offered opportunities for team members to streamline communication and express new creative ideas.

Blending clean neutrals with bold oranges, the color scheme demonstrates the company’s traditional roots and blends beautifully with their modern and new-age approaches.



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