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Project Profile: Kansas State Trotter Hall

Project Profile: Kansas State Trotter Hall


In December of 2014, Spaces completed a project with Kansas State Trotter Hall and DIRTT. Working with Bowman Bowman Novick Architects, Spaces follow K-State’s specifications to create a flexible and technologically advanced space utilizing DIRTT products.

K-State was looking for an open space with break-off areas for study groups or presentations. However, they did not want a permanent walled solution for their conference rooms and offices. They chose DIRTT modular walls for flexibility to change their open space in the future. The modular walls also provided technological advantages. Wiring and high tech options were installed in the walls. The tech was chosen and installed in such a way that it can be easily upgraded for future technology advancements.


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There were multiple areas were DIRTT installation was desired in Trotter Hall. Spaces helped outfit two conference rooms, two collaboration rooms, four offices and ancillary areas with various short walls, millwork, architectural products and technology.

Media walls were used throughout most of the space, utilizing DIRTT power and networks technology. Outlets and panels that control every aspect of the technology were placed throughout Trotter Hall. Wires are run through walls so they aren’t gathering dust along baseboards and behind chairs. Backpainted glass tiles are used to support further technology offerings while presenting a clean appearance.

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The etched glass walls are used as dividers for certain conference rooms and offices. The glass still gives a feeling of openness while the etching provides privacy and a distraction-free work zone. Trotter Hall’s glass walls were personalized with veterinary medicine mantras and ideals.

Kansas State is very pleased with the work DIRTT and Spaces did for their space. Bill Arck, representative of Kansas State, said, “It has been very gratifying to see the positive responses from the students, faculty and staff. I went up to the library last night at about 8 p.m. and it was fun to see a group of students studying in the big collaboration room and playing with all the electronic equipment. I think everyone is completely happy with the whole project. Thanks!”

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