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Our Favorite Red, White and Blue Knoll Textiles

Our Favorite Red, White And Blue Knoll Textiles


Knoll Textiles is part of what makes offices beautiful. Before Knoll Textiles, not many people considered commercial interior fabric needs. In light of the upcoming Independence Day holiday, we wanted to celebrate that innovation that Knoll Textiles started in 1947 and highlight our favorite red, white and blue textiles from Knoll.

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Harrison in Fulton
This vibrant red color option for the Harrison textile is a bold and beautiful color choice for an office design drapery. The textile uses a three-color weave of complementary shades to create a dynamic fabric piece. The color combination creates a clean and clear look for drapery.

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Abyssinian in Manx
The specialty wallcovering Abyssinian in Manx is the perfect white-but-not-blinding-white look for a clean and bright office design. The textile creates an all-over texture thanks to the specific relationship between color and pattern that gives each color option for Abyssinian a distinct personality. Manx provides a clean look without being clinical.

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Spree in Harbor
The KT Collection is full of beautiful striped patterns in a variety of colors, but Spree in Harbor is a Spaces favorite, especially if your office is going for a cool summertime vibe. Spree reminds of calm water and is a refreshing fabric choice. The shades of blue in Harbor are pleasing and flow together well. Spree is also an environmental fabric choice, perfect to promote a sustainability initiative in the office.



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Knoll Luxe
Knoll Luxe fabrics provide a rich aesthetic for the office and is perfect for private office spaces and luxury waiting areas. Our favorite Knoll Luxe pieces come in patriotic and bold shades. Tara in Scarlett’s design and color is borrowed from the runway and presents a hand-made quality in its depth and texture. Fiori in Morning Flower is for upholstery or drapery with a wool and polyester stitch. The organic quality is refreshing and great for nature-centric luxe. Cummings in Shadow brings matte and shine together in one organic design. The pattern and color of Cummings in Shadow is a bold and rich statement for an office design.


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