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Open Office Design Creates Atmosphere For Collaboration, Teamwork And Productivity

Open Office Design Creates Atmosphere For Collaboration, Teamwork And Productivity

You know the old saying, “Two heads are better than one?” In some cases, it’s true. Think of all the great collaborations that have gone on over time: Sonny and Cher, Donny and Marie, Siegfried and Roy. They often say people do better work and are more productive when they work in a pair or team. That’s why open office designs are catching on in workplaces around the world. An open office allows employees to interact with each other and collaborate to make work go more smoothly and to get better results. That’s why offices like Digital Telepathy are creating open environments – to increase productivity and to get the results they want for their business.

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Digital Telepathy has designed their office around a common theme of collaboration. Their desks sit back-to-back without being boxed into a cubicle. Their conference rooms have glass walls to be more inviting. Every design aspect of the Digital Telepathy office has been created to give the feeling of, “if you need something, just lean over and ask.” They’ve even giving training on how to tell if a co-worker is deep in a zone and allow instant messaging to make sure someone is available for a collaboration session.

The office has even grasped on to the long-researched idea of people learning differently. Digital Telepathy has incorporated hidden whiteboards in their office to allow people who are visual learners to draw things out. This also allows those with photographic memories to remember what was written or drawn on the board and for those who didn’t take notes to be able to go make and remember what was just discussed. Each whiteboard area and conference room also features a different design aesthetic to create different moods for creativity and productivity.

But what about those people who don’t work well all the time in an open office setting? Digital Telepathy has thought of that, too: they have quiet areas where people can go if they need a little peace and quiet to think or be out of the noise of the open office. This is truly a company that realizes not all employees are created equally and every employee needs something a little different to be successful and perform well as part of the team.

Digital Telepathy is just one of many offices in the country that’s testing out an open office plan and making changes to ensure the best when it comes to business results and productivity. While some people argue open offices create too many distractions, this is a company that is making it work. There are areas and ways for everyone to experience success, and everyone is not forced into one box.

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