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Office Design So Good It’s Scary!

Halloween is right around the corner and there are many office designs around the country that are so good it’s scary! While not everyone has the budget for these intricate design details, you can use some of the coolest office designs to learn how you can incorporate your company culture into the design. Including Spaces, Inc’s own client Andrews McMeel Publishing in Kansas City, here are some of the greatest office designs in America.


The Yelp offices in San Francisco take up a lot of vertical commercial real estate, but the design makes it feel like a small and quaint downtown office. The interior design reflects the art deco building the offices reside in. Yelp wanted employees from all departments to interact with one another, so different office functions that everyone would need to use are placed on different floors. This also encourages workplace wellness. Check out some photos of the space on Fast Co Design.

Funny or Die
Funny or Die is all about comedy and the office design in West Hollywood absolutely reflects that quirky personality comedians need to hone their craft. The color scheme alone is wild with bright pops of neon colors that spurs excitement and innovation. Unlike the open office design trend, Funny or Die needed smaller enclosed spaces for teams to creatively collaborate on new entertainment ideas. Check out their office funhouse design on Fast Co Design.

As a leader in the technology industry, Microsoft’s office design incorporates cutting edge technology in architecture and the furniture. We love tech tables at Spaces, Inc., but Microsoft takes it to a new level with some of their office pieces. Our favorite is a coffee table that has a huge tablet embedded in the top! Check out their tech design on Glassdoor.

Groupon’s design takes their lime green color scheme and incorporates it into every facet of their design. Their fun colors reflect in the furniture choices throughout the space. There are many gathering areas throughout where employees can chat and collaborate on ideas for the company. Check out their lime green feng shui on Glassdoor.

Andrews McMeel Publishing
The Andrews McMeel Publishing office space is so cool that named it one of the coolest offices in Kansas City! Spaces, Inc. is proud to have been involved in the design of the space along with Helix. Together, we used Knoll and DIRTT pieces to capture the design history of the publishing company, keeping in mind the history of the building they are located. See some of the pictures of the office design on the blog.

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