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Office Design Inspiration for Your Pets At Work Policy

Office Design Inspiration For Your Pets At Work Policy

Pets at work has become one of the happiest trends to grace the office. Many companies, including Spaces, have implemented a pets at work policy with great success and experienced health benefits. If you want to take your pets at work policy seriously, get some office design inspiration to make your pets feel at home, too!


Bark & Co




Photo Credit: Fast Company

As the name suggest, Bark & Co loves having dogs around and is one of the most pet-friendly workplaces in the nation. Many employees migrated to the company because of their excellent pets at work policy. They make sure pets feel comfortable with comfy furniture they are allowed on.





Photo Credit: Google

Google continues to be one of the most enviable places to work with an excellent pets at work policy. Pets who come to work with their human co-workers have little ID badges they wear and get to enjoy all the perks that human counterparts receive. There is even a lovely outdoor walking area with a running creek that pooches can enjoy.





Photo Credit: Meetup

After an employee adopted a stray cat, Meetup began their own pets at work policy restricted to smaller sized animals. They love having their furry friends there, so much so they have a conference room dedicated to dogs stocked with toys for pets to enjoy.





Photo Credit: Office Snapshots

Last but not least, Zynga has taken their pets at work office design extremely seriously. With a dog as your logo, how could you not build a fun puppy play area complete with fake grass? Pets are also allowed outside of the play area in office spaces and meeting areas.

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