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New Partnership With Falk

New Partnership With Falk


After 12 years of Partnering with DIRTT Prefab Construction, Spaces has made the decision to follow Mogen Smed, Co-Founder of DIRTT, on his new venture, Falkbuilt Digital Component Construction. We are very excited to be a part of this opportunity.  Spaces is forever grateful to those of you who supported us over the past 12 years as our interior construction team paved the way for “a new way to build better.” Mogens, our business partner and our friend, has given us another amazing opportunity to share his journey delivering the most innovative and impactful solution ever seen or experienced in pre-fab interior construction.


Our decision to partner with Falkbuilt was made with quick clarity while keeping all of you top of mind. After just one trip to the progressive, new 90,000 sq ft factory, we knew right away this was the right partner to solve the needs of our clients. Arriving at the factory was just like walking into a family reunion, with many of the same faces we have worked with in the past. The same faces committed to leading, developing and executing Mogens powerful new vision. A factory built with lean processes, state-of-art equipment, progressive process, and, most importantly, an innovative and empowering culture aligned with some of the most enthusiastic and forward-thinking people in the industry.

Falkbuilt will enhance, never minimize, your previous investments and ideas of manufactured construction solutions and its impact on the built environment. The Falk approach is different because it allows us to be a seamless trade to the construction schedule and process. Other differentiators include its architectural profile, resilient Falkskin 3D laminate finish, day to day 41 STC with potential to well exceed 50,telescoping and folding doors, beautiful millwork and other unique capabilities have taken pre-fab construction to a whole other level.


Intrigued? We invite you to continue exploring the endless opportunities with Falkbuilt – – and gain more insight into what all is going on and get a feel for this  a group of trailblazers who continue to innovate, doing what’s next for the interior construction industry of today and tomorrow.


We look forward to catching up with you and telling you more about how Falkbuilt KC will deliver factory direct solutions and experiences to you with integrity, passion and an excitement to push us all to a higher level of construction project delivery. 


Thank you for your business, your support and your confidence in the decision we have made in this game changing opportunity for all of us!


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