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Modern Healthcare Design Featuring DIRTT

Modern Healthcare Design Featuring DIRTT

Office design is always improving and evolving and DIRTT is always at the forefront of new, exciting design elements. It’s no secret that the healthcare industry can be a little bland when it comes to design, but DIRTT is bringing healthcare design to the top of their list and improving it in amazing ways. DIRTT understands the importance of providing a unique experience when you’re creating your healthcare space. The key to executing healthcare design is to pay attention to the fine details and the experiences one will have within that space. When it comes to designing the space, it should be versatile, comfortable, creative and pleasing. DIRTT does just this with their innovative design ideas such as embedding flat screen televisions and movable walls into the space.

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Healthcare design is more than the building owner and the contractors. The collaborations between designers, architects, physicians, patients and nurses are vital for proper execution of the space. Not only are these spaces a workplace, but they are also where the patient spends his or her time; a seamless connection between user and patient experience is a must.

DIRTT knows that providing a unique user experience should be a large part of healthcare design. Small changes, such as embedding touch screen electronics into walls, help not only the nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers, but they also connect the patients to what is happening within the space. DIRTT has also started incorporating DIRTT Walls into healthcare facilities, which allow hospital staff to stock patient rooms from behind the walls so that the patient isn’t disturbed.


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