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Let Your Home Office Mirror Your Work Office

Let Your Home Office Mirror Your Work Office

If you telecommute or work for a flexible company, you may find yourself working from home sometimes during the week. However, working from home doesn’t always lend itself to the best work environment and you may find yourself with a new backache or headache from the comfy sofa you enjoy working on. Office space planners and designers try to create an optimal work setting that eliminates or minimizes the strains on the body and mind. Here are some best practices to take home from the office workspace handbook to enhance your home office.



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Select a Spot with a View

Placing a desk directly up against a wall can quickly feel like your own personal home cubicle, which is the opposite of what we want. Find an area in your home that can cast sunshine and fresh air into your work zone. Fresh Home tells us that choosing a spot filled with natural light can cause you to feel more open and stress-free while you work. Sunlight can help freshen your mind when you look up from your computer, thus helping to boost your productivity throughout the day.

If you cannot find a window to face, there are other options. Hang a few personal pictures, a work of art or something stimulating on the wall that can give you a break when your eyes glance away from the computer and give you something to admire and look at.


Bring Ergonomics Into the Space

HGTV suggests to swipe out that chair from the dining room and replace it with an ergonomics chair that helps promote better posture that can lead to better productivity and less muscle pain during the work day. Have fun when you choose your ergonomic chair! Add a bright orange to your space or a cherry red. By bringing ergonomics into your home office, you will not only transform your space but it will bring a sense of comfort to your work experience.


Add a Splash of Color

The beauty of owning a home office is that you get to make the space your very own.
Similar to sitting next to a window, adding a dash of color can liven up your work experience. Spice up your space by adding a hot pink pillow to your chair or paint your walls a calming yellow. It’s important to note that you need to pick a color that works for you, whether that be a bright pastel or a calming tone. Transforming the colors in your home office will help to make your work experience more enjoyable during the workday and it will help differentiate “home” from “work.”

Days you have to work from home instead of in an office may seem like a special treat, but the same ergonomic office design principles from your official workplace need to appear in your temporary home space.


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