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Incorporate Pets At Work Into A New Office Design For 2015

Incorporate Pets At Work Into A New Office Design For 2015

Do you hate leaving your pet at home while you go to work? Hate seeing those sad faces as you drive away? Would you like to be able to bring your pet to work? In the United States and around the world, there is a growing trend of having pets at work. BRW offers some insight on how bringing pets to work can help employees and productivity at the office.

Dog In Computer Chari

Photo credit: JohnONolan / Foter / CC BY

 Twenty percent of US-based companies have pet-friendly policies as of 2014. Some of these companies are:, Dell, Nokia and Google. There are many positives to having pets at the workplace, which is why more companies are adapting to that idea. Having pets at work helps boost staff morale, health and productivity, which are all good things for business.

Dog On Laptop

Photo credit: ttarasiuk / Foter / CC BY

With having pets at the office, it’s still important to be professional. All pets coming in to the office environment should be clean, fully vaccinated and well behaved to keep employees and other pets safe. Even though it may take awhile for a dog to adjust to a new environment, making sure that the pets are comfortable is crucial. When it comes down to it, pets make people happy and happy people helps produce great output in a work environment.

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