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How To Keep Happy Employees At The Office In Four Easy Steps

How To Keep Happy Employees At The Office In Four Easy Steps

Creating a work environment that fits your company is important to keep productive employees at the office. Although it’s not always easy to accommodate each individual’s needs, keeping employees engaged and motivated in the workplace is the key to ensuring their happiness. Business Environment offers some great tips on how to keep staff engaged in the workplace.

Tips To Keep Employees HappyPhoto credit: Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung) / Foter / CC BY

1) Use Your Manners
Going out of your way to say “hello” or “please” and “thank you” to co-workers can make a big difference in the workplace. Even though you’ve been saying these words your whole life, that’s no reason to brush them off to the side. These words help make people feel valued and important; so don’t underestimate the power of what these words mean and continue to use them throughout the office – your co-workers will appreciate it.

2) Reward Employees When Good Work Is Accomplished
No matter how small an achievement is, it’s an achievement nonetheless. Use positive reinforcement when something good happens and encourage employees to keep working towards success. If an individual does exceptional work, reward them with a financial bonus, incentive programs, or organize an employee of the month award.

3) Keep Employees Interested
Find a way to get more employees involved in the planning and decision-making process of the company or different tasks or projects. Even if it is a small role, employees want to feel needed. Also, asking for other people’s input or ideas could help create better success for the company and keep employees productive.

4) Have Fun!
There are ways to have fun in and out of the workplace while still being professional. Organize a social event that takes place outside of the office, such as a holiday party or social event. These events show that work doesn’t always have to be so demanding and it gives employees and co-workers a chance to get to know each other on a personal level. You can also incorporate fun in the workplace by providing different team games in part of the office.

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