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At Spaces, we deliver an experience of workplace change that is inspirational and brings excitement for what is next. We revolutionize the interior design and construction process for a result that positively impacts individuals and the way they work, educate, learn and provide care. Our mission is to earn your partnership through our thought leadership approach and empowering our employees to provide solutions and services that are unique to you. Spaces is an all-inclusive interior construction and furniture provider. Our strategic manufacturing partners, Knoll and DIRTT are global leaders in the industry who provide modern designs, leading edge technology, and research-based solutions. This, along with, our professional expertise and proven processes within design, project management, and installation are a secure decision when choosing us as your business partner.

Together we design modern interiors.

We’re proud to be a Knoll dealer and carry products from this internationally recognized company that seeks to create workplace furnishings that inspire, evolve and endure


We’re proud to be a DIRTT dealer partner. DIRTT has innovative architectural solutions that help create responsive, sustainable, and unique workspaces.


Bertoia Molded Shell Side Chair – Stacking

The Bertoia Molded Shell Stacking Side Chair is a modern adaptation of the shell chair originally debuted in 1960.

The new stacking base offers new opportunities and expanded applications for the classic design.

The chairs stack five high on the floor.

DIRTT Timber Frame

The DIRTT Timber Frame solution uses a combination of glue laminated engineered wood (glulams) and cross-laminated timber (CLTs) available in completely customizable shapes and sizes. Each timber is connected through a series of wood connections and precisely dimensioned to create structures that are built to last for true sustainability. Using superior European materials sculpted under the supervision of expert craftsmen, DIRTT delivers a solution that is scalable to any location, integrates with DIRTT’s existing solutions, founded in technology and its beauty is unmatched.



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