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Happy Earth Day! See How Spaces Makes Offices Environmentally Friendly

Happy Earth Day! See How Spaces Makes Offices Environmentally Friendly

Today is Earth Day, a holiday for remembering the impact we can have in our world. Spaces loves to use Earth Day as inspiration to continue creating beautiful office spaces that are also sustainable. We have done many projects over the years using environmentally friendly DIRTT products to make every office design a little greener. DIRTT products are made of recycled materials and all projects using DIRTT are approached using the best way to reduce waste and reuse materials. Here are some of our favorite DIRTT projects.


Overhead view

Avila University – Hooley Bundschu Learning Commons

The former library of Hooley Bundschu Learning Commons was a simple drywall structure before Spaces came in with DIRTT. Using DIRTT walls and flooring for upgrading technology, the area became a modern, dynamic tool for learning. Plug and play power and data running through DIRTT access floors to create a DIRTT data network that transformed the space into a technological wonder that saves on electricity usage. The space is modular, designed to adapt to future technology without expensive and wasteful construction remodels. You can learn more about the technology behind the project with DIRTT’s video case study.



City Hall2

City of Kansas City 11th Floor
The City of Kansas City’s 11th floor project utilized many different DIRTT products including walls, glass fronts and millwork. The walls are the shining sustainability piece in this project. The modular walls saved the city money and made the construction process during the redesign extremely environmentally friendly.


Tradewind Energy
As the name says, Tradewind Energy is all about sustainability. They choose DIRTT modular glass fronts with barn doors and embedded technology instead of messing with inefficient and unsustainable drywall.


UNMC Oakville Clinic
The Oakville Clinic inside of the University of Nebraska Medical Center was designed with DIRTT sliding doors instead of contractor-selected options for a more efficient use of space and lower energy bills.

DIRTT injects sustainability into all of their products. As an office design company that utilizes DIRTT products, we make sure every project with DIRTT is environmentally friendly with the least amount of waste and the largest amount of recycling possible.



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