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Ergonomic Ways To Increase Productivity At The Office

Ergonomic Ways To Increase Productivity At The Office

Do you realize how long you sit or stand around the office on a daily basis? If you’re caught up in a lot of work or in between deadlines, you may not be too concerned with how much you’re sitting, but maybe you should be. Bad posture, dim lights and even the type of chair you sit in could cause an injury you wish you could have prevented. Ring Central Connect offers some great tips on ways you can avoid these bad habits and how to be more productive at the office.

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Remember to sit up straight

Bad posture is one of the top reasons for what causes lower back pain. It’s important to sit at an angle you feel comfortable at but is also good for your spine. The recommended angle between the upper arm and forearm should be 70 to 135 degrees. If your lower back is curved forward while you’re sitting or standing, you could experience more severe back pain. The recommended angle between the upper and lower leg should be 60 to 100 degrees. You also have to make sure that your head is adjusted correctly. If your head is inclined too much forward or backward, you could experience neck pain. Your feet should be flat on the floor to ensure the most comfort for your body.

Avoid wrist and hand injuries

If your job requires you to work off a computer all day, make sure you take breaks from typing. People who get these injuries tend to use their wrists way over the amount of times per minute that could help prevent an injury. It may also be helpful to stretch your wrists and fingers for a few minutes everyday to get the blood flowing.

Stand up and work

Standing while working has proven to improve health and productivity of employees. If you have a workstation that adjusts to a standing position, it would be in your best interest to utilize that a couple times a day when you’re feeling the most unproductive. A standing desk allows for your body to get more blood circulation flowing throughout, especially to your legs, which will help prevent blood clots. If you don’t have access to a standing desk, set aside a couple minutes for a walk or take the long way back from the bathroom to alleviate any discomfort you may feel.

With 2015 right around the corner, make it your goal to be more productive at the workplace while also increasing your health. By using these tips in your everyday activities, you can prevent any future injuries. Make sure you keep in mind these three important tips to start living a more productive and healthy lifestyle at the workplace and every place in between.

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