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Employee Well-Being Becoming a Vital Component of Office Design

Employee Well-Being Becoming A Vital Component Of Office Design

As today’s society shifts towards healthier living, office design is aiming to keep pace. As more businesses create a workspace that encourages health and well-being, employee happiness and productivity are on the rise. Simple additions like sit-stand desks or collaborative work areas give employers flexible options to increase collaboration and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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While keeping employees happy is by no means a revolutionary concept, offices that encourage a healthier lifestyle is a trend that’s quickly growing in popularity. In the past, many offices were designed to motivate employees purely through creating competition and increasing efficiency. Today, with more and more millennials joining the workforce, workplace values have changed. A report from Gallup shows that while millennials highly value health and engagement in the workplace, very few actually feel engaged at their job.
Spaces, Inc. has worked with many clients to help design a more employee-focused workplace. With partners like Knoll, a workplace furnishings specialist, we have helped to create healthy, sustainable environments that aim to ensure employee happiness.

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Businesses can reap a wide range of benefits when focusing on employee well-being in the workplace. A report from the World Green Building Council shows that staff absenteeism and turnover decrease when a workplace’s culture and design become more health-focused. When employees are staying longer and missing fewer days, higher levels of productivity and employee happiness are easily achievable.

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