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Embed Tech in Your Office Design with DIRTT

When approaching an office design project, Spaces, Inc. looks at the client values and what they want to see out of their office planning and design. Often, we offer DIRTT walls as a modular and technological solution to a redesign. As a supplier of DIRTT walls and products to our office furniture and office design clients, we see how the technology solutions are applied in a variety of industries everyday.

Image Credit: DIRTT
Image Credit: DIRTT


DIRTT provides office construction options that incorporate 3D planning, sustainability, efficiency, flexibility and affordability. The goal of DIRTT’s technology is to build better and smarter to make the office space you work in not just a location, but part of your business strategy.

After the initial planning stages with a client to see what their vision and goals are with the redesign of their space, Spaces, Inc. looks to see if DIRTT walls would be a good fit for their design solution. If they require a flexible space with modular walls, need certain technology options or want to save on their design budget by avoiding dry wall, then we offer DIRTT solutions specific to their needs.

Some of our favorite projects that involved DIRTT walls include Tradewind Energy, Kansas State Trotter Hall and City of Kansas City 11th Floor. Each business had their own reasons for choosing a DIRTT walls solution.

  • Tradewind Energy’s core values all relate to sustainability and efficiency. DIRTT walls offer a sustainable solution with less energy and mess required to install the walls as opposed to traditional construction.
  • Kansas State Trotter Hall was interested in the embedded technology the walls offered. They wanted a flexible solution with tech offerings that students could use to learn and study with.
  • City of Kansas City 11th Floor loved the affordability of DIRTT walls as opposed to installing drywall that would be costly down the road to change.
Image Credits: DIRTT
Image Credits: DIRTT


DIRTT focuses on providing technology solutions to six industries – corporate, healthcare, education, government, retail/hospitality and technology. Each industry has custom solutions that DIRTT has discovered to make their specific work day sustainable and efficient.

  • Corporate: DIRTT walls provide a better investment that is more affordable than traditional construction. The walls and technology within can be modified at will, keeping you ahead of your competition.
  • Healthcare: The technology and modular aesthetic of DIRTT walls allows the healthcare industry to change their design to suit patient needs and comfort while offering efficiency for nurses and doctors.
  • Education: Education is finding new ways to use technology and DIRTT provides back-painted glass, whiteboards and dry-erase films to allow every wall to be a learning opportunity.
  • Government: The DIRTT walls allow for flexibility for the changing needs of government while still maintaining privacy and high technology.
  • Retail/Hospitality: DIRTT walls can provide unique design opportunities, such as curved walls, at a fraction of the price traditional construction can provide these design aesthetics. The walls provide a variety of applications for every retail or hospitality need.
  • Technology: The tech industry needs to weave technology into all daily operations. DIRTT walls with embedded and mounted technology options offer a custom tech integration solution for your business.


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