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DIRTT Feature: Reducing Footprints While Innovating the Design Game


The global environment is changing and there is only one thing that we can do: change with it. But the question of how is what seems to plague us the most. How can a person, a family, a company or even a whole industry modify their lifestyle without compensating?

Cue DIRTT Environmental Solutions, a design company that has sustainability built into the foundation of their business. The company not only designs remarkable movable walls, some covered in oxygen-generating living plants, but they create strategies for clients to live and work sustainably and lead environmentally-conscious lives.


DIRTT operations are set up in such a way that everything they do, from getting to work in the morning, to filing paperwork, to breaking for lunch, is done with a nod towards environmentalism.

The Organics Program recycles food from their on-site lunch programs (operated in four factories across North America) into a composting depot, diverting nearly 30,000 kilograms from entering landfills each year. That effort alone is equivalent to the power it would take to supply four homes with energy for a year.

By incentivizing carpools, fuel-efficient vehicles and even asking employees to telecommute, DIRTT reduces CO2 emissions by over 400,000 kilograms. Their own factories use wind solar energy, which generates savings equivalent to 216 barrels of oil!

The company has infrastructures in place to help guide you towards a sustainable design solution that matches your comfort level. DIRTT representative Thomas Wright commented, “We are redefining our industry with lean manufacturing, smart use of materials and best-in-class environmental solutions. We strive to be the change we want to see with the goal of inspiring our clients and other stakeholders to adopt similarly sustainable behaviors and to Build better™.”

It’s easy to feel lost when it comes to environmental mindfulness, but it is companies like DIRTT that guide us on what practices we can take on.

For more information on using DIRTT to practice eco-friendly business, go to




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