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DIRTT Build Better Design Competition

In this happy hour design competition put on by our friends at DIRTT, three Spaces, Inc. teams were paired with a designer from DIRTT to create a fresh space for a fictitious company, Cafe DIRTT.  The objective was to create an office environment and incorporate a specific number of offices, conference rooms and workstations as well as to create a “branding” atmosphere throughout the space. The catch was a time limit of only two hours! The winner of the DIRTT Build Better Design Competition was BRR Architecture.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.23.55 PM
The three teams were BRR Architecture, Inc., HNTB and Johnson County Facilities. The teams presented their designs to Spaces, Inc., the other two teams and three judges. The three judges were Denise Ryerkerk, project manager at GSA; Eric Wyancko, project and development services of the Jones Lang Project; and Danny Wastler, new business development at Haren Laughlin.

Since BRR Architecture was selected as the grand prize winner, they will be joining Spaces Inc., and DIRTT on a trip to the DIRTT Green Learning Center and Factory in Phoenix, Ariz. in March 2016.  In addition, this will also include an opportunity to watch the Kansas City Royals in a spring training game! Go Royals!

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