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Culture, Community and Collaboration: Why We Love Workspace Design


Take a look around your workspace. What do you love about it? What do you hate about it? What does it say about your company? Do you enjoy working in that space?

Chances are, if you don’t enjoy your workspace environment, your work is going to take a hit. According to Gensler’s 2013 U.S. Workplace Survey, workspace design does matter, and only one in four American workers are in optimal workplace environments. As for the rest? The study found that their productivity, innovation and engagement all took a dive.

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Louis Berger Group (Spaces, Inc. client)

It’s not just the effect on productivity that make workspace design so important. Workspace design says a lot about a company’s values and culture. It creates a sense of community and identity. It allows for collaboration and function.That’s why we love designing workspaces so much. The office is as much a part of us almost as our homes

Creating Company Culture
Walking into a workspace, you should immediately be able to get a sense of who that company is. For example, if it was designed using sustainable materials, like flooring and walls from DIRTT, then the company probably cares a lot about its impact on the environment. If there are wall-sized personalized murals, splashes of color and open cubicles or desks, then the company probably values creativity. Elegant lines and classic pieces, however, inspire a sense of prestige and dignity. You can get a feel for a company’s identity in just a single glance.


DIRTT Connext 2015


Workplaces and Collaboration
Good workplace design enhances collaboration, and that’s something we consider when designing any workspace. Open areas and structure encourage communication, and the flow of ideas from person-to-person allow for much better collaboration than closed-in, boxy cubicles.

OTTR Chronic Care Services (Spaces, Inc. client)


Function: The Foundation of Any Workplace
Your workspace can’t truly be called a workspace until you can get some utility out of it. From ergonomics and comfort to specially-designed desks to enhance productivity, there are more options than ever if you’re looking for function. And the best part? Function doesn’t have to suffer due to style. Workspaces can easily be designed with both in mind to create an innovative, beautiful and positive environment workers will actually enjoy working in.

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