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Creating Workspace Designs for Today’s Workforce

Creating Workspace Designs For Today’s Workforce


The workforce as we know it today looks a lot different than it did just 10 years ago. No longer do offices require standardized cubicles, bulky desks for huge desktop computers or bland break rooms for staff to relax in. Workspaces need to reflect the state of technology, design and necessities demanded by business models. The following recommended workplaces within your work space will help facilitate a happier, more productive staff.



A Place to Collaborate
Collaborative work spaces are  quickly becoming a popular office design. A study by Knoll suggested that office employees are now more than ever looking for social connections within their work environment, and this is often facilitated  by a more relaxed office setup. Businesses of all kinds are making the shift away from individual desks and offices and instead opting for more open plans that inspire more communication and quicker decision making. Open plans with large tables and lounge furniture help to create more informal brainstorming sessions, eventually  allowing for more creative solutions and innovative thinking.


A Place to Concentrate
Most people do not need absolute silence or solitude in order to concentrate. They do however, need few distractions, limited outside engagements and a method to zero in on a singular task or project. Positive psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, revolutionized the way people seek and pursue happiness and productivity through a state of consciousness he dubbed “Flow”. He remarked that the best, happiest times of our lives are when we are completely dedicated to completing an activity. Work provides obvious opportunities for people to reach “Flow” and become happier individuals. Creating a space within the office, even if it’s no larger than a desk with a single chair, that is designated as an interruption-free zone will help complete projects faster as well as improve the quality of work culture.


A Place to Have Fun
By now, you have probably seen pictures of the incredible Google Campus or magical Pixar headquarters, filled with slides, toys and themed cabins instead of offices. And while no office  will be as cool and creative as Pixar, it’s still important to give a fun and creative vibe to your staff and visitors through your office design. Humans are creatures that look for and desire novelty. Adding in an unexpected element like a pingpong table in the lounge area or an exciting and bright mural painted on the wall  will help to loosen up your staff and inspire both creativity and community.

Looking for more innovative design ideas? Check out this list from Creative Bloq for designs that stir the senses.


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