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Company Culture and Environment Lead the Charge In Office Design

Company Culture And Environment Lead The Charge In Office Design

Company culture and environment are crucial elements to a successful business. Both customers and employees value what a company stands for and its ideals. When a workspace is authentic to your mission and message, the impact can be astounding.

Company Culture

According to WorkDesign Magazine, authenticity-centered design, “tells the story of an organization in a way that resonates with employees, management, suppliers, and customers.” In essence, how you shape your office should tell everyone about the past, present and future of your company. In previous generations, consumers were much more focused on the product, rather than the company that produces it. With millennials joining the workforce and other consumer spaces, customer values are changing. Research from Forbes found that over 50 percent of millennials are more likely to purchase from a company which has similar core values to theirs.

With furnishing and manufacturing partners like Knoll and DIRTT, Spaces, Inc. has worked with multiple clients to create authentic spaces for their companies. Our designs have helped to produce office spaces that showcase the true lifestyle and culture of each business we’ve worked culture

Authentic spaces aren’t just beneficial for connecting with customers, they also aid in promoting overall employee engagement and happiness. Research from Forbes shows that 55 percent of millennials aren’t engaged at work. This means that while physically present, their minds often wander to somewhere else they’d rather be. When a work environment matches the culture and values of its employees, the energy in the room is different. Employees are happier and more attentive. That same culture will also keep your current team members on board, as well as make your business the envy of everyone in the industry.

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