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Employee health and safety is one of our top priorities at Spaces. We understand the importance of creating an environment that employees and peers feel safe and secure.

If you had a catastrophic event tomorrow would you be prepared?

When asked this question most people respond with no.

Our goal is to help change that.

Mass Notification.  Sound Masking.  Paging+Audio. 

Lencore’s Mission 

Lencore’s mission is to transform environments that change people’s lives by providing more privacy, greater comfort and improved safety. Lencore innovates and pushes the boundaries of technologies to deliver superior systems and services because they understand the uniquely human side of technology, how it connects us and enriches our lives.

Who should consider using Lencore?

Schools. Corporate. Healthcare.

Because we believe your safety is a top priority, we have a designated Spaces Life Safety team in our office, to help keep you and your peers safe and informed. Contact us today.

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