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Celebrating Pets at Work for National Walk the Dog Day

Celebrating Pets At Work For National Walk The Dog Day

Yesterday was National Walk the Dog Day to spend quality time with pups giving them the exercise and play they need. Spaces staff love their pooches and celebrate them as often as possible with Pets at Work days. The star of our office is Regan, a black lab who has grown up as an intern at Spaces.





Regan is a great intern most days, doing everything she can to help out around the office and make the work day even better.

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But everyone has those off workdays and Regan is no exception. In these photos, she was probably longing for Walk the Dog Day to come already!

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Luckily Regan has some great furry (and not so furry!) coworkers to help her get through the workday with ease.

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These photos can’t help but make you happy which is one of the many reasons having pets at work is so beneficial to your office health and culture. Inc published a study by Replacements about the stress-reducing benefits of pets at work. The participants that left their dogs at home showed the highest cortisol levels.

The same study showed no reduction in productivity with furry friends running around and 25 percent of the people who did not bring dogs in the office reported higher productivity. There were even reports of better office camaraderie! Pets encouraged conversations between coworkers that normally would never speak to each other.

Another company, Human Movement Management, reported that having pets in the office forced them to get up from their desks more often and perform a bit of exercise. Inverse-Square reported that work hours seemed to pass quicker with a little work-life balance with pooches.

CDC sums up the benefits of pets at work nicely. Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride and lonely feelings were all lowered with pets around while socialization and exercise were increased. If you are still uncertain about pets at work, browse through Purina’s resource guide on how to implement a pet-friendly policy.

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