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Celebrate Self-Improvement Month with Spaces, Inc.’s Tips

September is known as Self-Improvement Month. Most people view their life in two categories – personal and professional. During self-improvement month, there are many things you can do to improve yourself in a professional capacity. The benefits of trying to improve yourself include more productivity, less stress and a happier outlook each day in the office! Here are our tips to succeed during self-improvement month.



Set Goals
The key to self-improvement is to set goals for yourself. If you know the areas you want to improve in at work, then set goals to accomplish them. Make sure it is measurable and that you give yourself a deadline so you are more apt to strive towards it every day.

Be Positive
The stress of work can easily get you down, especially when you have an off week or two. It is important to remember your accomplishments when you start to feel this way and think positive. Anytime you feel the stress weighing you down, think of all the positive things that have happened. Focusing on the positive will give you self-confidence, so the stress doesn’t interrupt your life.

Practice Gratitude
Along with thinking positive, it is a good idea to think about all the things you are grateful for at work. It can be something as simple as the free coffee or that one coworker who is always there to lend a hand when deadlines get hairy. Recognizing the things you are grateful for will help you feel better about yourself and your work.

Improve Health
Improving your health doesn’t only mean trying to hit the gym after work and making a well-balanced dinner. You can do things during the day at work to improve your health. Take regular breaks to walk around and stretch to get circulation flowing. Practice desk ergonomics by positioning your tools correctly and sitting with good posture. Skip the quick and easy lunch option for the healthier one. By improving your health at the office, you can increase productivity and even add years to your life.

Leave the Comfort Zone
The only way you will ever challenge yourself is if you leave the comfort zone! This can seem daunting, but it is the best way to improve. Speak up more in meetings with your ideas and objections. Strive for a bigger project that will be a challenge. See if you can accomplish a little bit more than you did the week before.

Praise Yourself
The most important thing you can do to improve is reward yourself with praise. It is okay to be proud of your accomplishments and tell yourself that! Part of praising yourself is to let go of the little things. Never hold grudges against yourself for things you did not accomplish in the past and focus on improving yourself in the office.

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