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A New Approach to Office Ergonomics: Knoll’s Report on Holistic Ergonomics™ for the Evolving Nature of Work

Ergonomics is everywhere around us from products to physical settings and playgrounds to space shuttles. Ergonomics also applies to many different groups of people from visually impaired and elderly to those with different intellectual abilities who need a tailored workspace. The traditional form of ergonomics has been practiced for years…

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Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture

Workplace culture is all about the employees and what they need to be productive and successful in your company. Ensuring that employees are healthy is the first step to receiving the benefits of a positive workplace culture. But creating a healthy workplace culture goes beyond healthcare costs. Focusing on the…

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5 Benefits of a Modern Office Design

When people buy a house, they carefully choose the perfect house in the perfect location and spend time decorating until it feels like home. The same process should be used when choosing and designing an office space that fits with your company culture. The days of the “Office Space” cubicles…

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