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Employee Well-Being Becoming a Vital Component of Office Design

As today’s society shifts towards healthier living, office design is aiming to keep pace. As more businesses create a workspace that encourages health and well-being, employee happiness and productivity are on the rise. Simple additions like sit-stand desks or collaborative work areas give employers flexible options to increase collaboration and…

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Spaces, Inc. Reviews Office Space Planning & Design Trends of 2016 and What’s Ahead for 2017

The interior design trends that we witnessed in 2016 included a move from traditional workspaces to more collaborative and open spaces. Steve Delfino, vice president of corporate marketing and product management at Teknion, believes that people are looking for more person-to-person interaction at work and in other public settings. Delfino…

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Designing Your Office Space Today for the Future: Generation Z Enters the Workplace

  In recent years, we have witnessed significant changes to office design and workplace culture. Open spaces facilitating coworking and collaboration geared towards millennials have replaced closed offices and cubicles, and overall workplace experience focusing on a culture supportive of employee wellness and bonding has taken the stage. But what…

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