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Back To School: How Furniture Can Reset Your Energy and Improve Productivity!

It’s that time of year again; it’s back to school.  Even if you’re not going back to school, you probably know someone who is heading back. It’s also the perfect time of year to think about a fresh, fall start and rejuvenate your workspace for wellness and productivity!

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When making the transition back into a home study and office place one concept is key, do not mix personal space and work space. You want to specifically create a space just for you to do your work and be productive! By building a separate work or study space your mind will build an association between that space and work.

When it comes to your workspace a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. Simplicity and organization are important when it comes to working and studying. The proper setup can allow for optimal productivity. Add a filing cabinet or storage drawers to your space to organize any paper or documents. Knoll has amazing cabinet systems that can leave your desk and mind clear and your space in order.

Seating is one of the most important aspects of getting the most out of your workspace! Adding an ergonomic chair gives the user freedoms to re-adjust and gain maximum comfort while sitting for long amounts of time. Ergonomic chairs move with you and help your productivity as well!

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Photo Credit: Copeland Light by Knoll

Last but not least is your lighting! No one can work with dim lights; it causes strain on the eyes as well as headaches and loss of concentration. There has been a lot of research done that shows the correlation between lighting conditions and worker productivity. Incorporating proper lighting into your space can ensure productivity and improve your work energy.


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