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All About Ergonomics – Our Favorite Ergonomic Office Furniture Pieces from Knoll

All About Ergonomics – Our Favorite Ergonomic Office Furniture Pieces From Knoll

Spaces Inc works on a lot of projects throughout the year where we make recommendations for the best ergonomic office furniture that suits the client’s industry. As a supplier of Knoll products, the team has developed a few ergonomic favorites that find themselves in many of our clients’ projects. Here are the Spaces team’s favorite ergonomic office furniture pieces from Knoll.


3998Generation by Knoll

We have to start with a classic! Generation by Knoll is a well-designed ergonomic office chair for anyone who spends a good deal of time at a desk. The chair is designed to stop people from sitting in a single forward -facing position all day long. A variety of postures and positions are accommodated by the chair’s design, allowing people to be both comfortable and healthy throughout the day.

Service Walls

Drywall is so limiting. Spaces loves the versatility, flexibility and technology a service wall offers. All data and power management is placed in these walls, allowing access easily. The walls are compatible with all Knoll technology as well. The walls also come with height-adjustable desk options with integrated technology.


Sapper50 Monitor Arm

The Sapper50 Monitor Arm was used recently on a project with dot.comm. Monitor arms are excellent because it allows employees to adjust the screen to the perfect ergonomic height to prevent neck and shoulder strain.


Multigeneration by Knoll
A simpler version of the Generation chair, Multigeneration by Knoll is an ergonomic choice when people are only sitting for short periods of time. Like Generation chairs, they support a variety of postures and positions when in use. These chairs are perfect for lecture halls so students will stay attentive during class without fidgeting in uncomfortable seats.

There are a wide variety of Knoll office furniture pieces that are designed with ergonomics in mind, but these are Spaces’ favorites and many of our clients agree!



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