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Founded as an interior architectural and space planning firm in 1993, Spaces specializes in providing solutions for workplace environments. Our philosophy – the cornerstone of our success – remains the same: partnering with our clients to meet their business goals.


In workspace design, it’s not only about the relationship between people; it’s also about the relationship between people and their environment. We draw upon our wealth of resources to find solutions that fit your specific needs.


Our teams of experienced professionals partner with you to identify, solve, and complete projects with continuous service. We create effective product and service solutions for the ever-changing facility challenges. We utilize milestones or checkpoints to ensure success and goals.


We work hard to develop the best combination of product, materials, and interior solutions to give you a more productive and exciting environment to spend your work day.

Spaces is a home away from home place to work. It’s a place where having fun and engaging with your peers while you work hard is encouraged. We are a business family giving opportunity to those with a passion for beautifully designed and finely engineered products a place to express their talents. Our daily purpose is to provide the ultimate customer experience to our most important assets, our customers. Engaging with new clients and challenging ourselves to creating their perfect work environment is our daily inspiration! Keeping the workspace change as seamless and simple as possible is our everyday commitment!”





Thirty-seven years industry experience. Crowder College. Wichita State University.

After being in the industry for 17 years I knew there was a better way to go to market and to serve our customers.

I get to go to the office with my English Black Lab, Reagan.



35 years industry experience including commercial and residential design, sales and management. Attended Brown Mackie Business College.

I work at Spaces because it continues to give me the opportunity to live my entrepreneurial spirit and pursue my God-given purpose to help people grow into being the best they can be at what they want to do. It is an added benefit to also be able to work with industry leading products like Knoll and Falk to build effective and amazing work environments.

My family sport is rodeo. We live on what we call the “Chasin Dreams Ranch” and compete all over the country year around.



34 years industry experience. B.S. in business administration from University of Kansas.

I love the family atmosphere and open door policy.

I enjoy going to the symphony and long-distance motorcycle riding.



30 years industry experience. B.S. in housing and interior design from the Southwest Missouri State University.

Spaces is a very friendly place to work. They understand family comes first and allow us the flexibility within our schedule.

I love watching my kids’ sporting events, shopping, cooking, and traveling with my family whenever possible.



31 years industry experience. interior design from Iowa State University.

Spaces, Inc. is my second family. We work hard to develop the best combination of products, materials, and interior solutions to give clients a more productive space and a wonderful environment to spend their workday.

I grew up in a small town in Iowa and helped my dad with his large-animal veterinary practice.


Director of Architectural Products

22 years industry experience. Degree in Business Administration.

I work at Spaces because it’s like having a family to share your day with.

I am an AKC dog show judge.


Account Executive/ Designer

Five years industry experience. B.A. in design from William Jewell College.

The people; it’s a family here. Coming to work at Spaces every day is a chance to catch up with your good friends.

I was born on my grandma’s birthday.


Project Manager

11 years industry experience. B.A. in design from University of Missouri.

The family feel of a small business that sincerely cares about me and my family.

I enjoy camping with my family and yoga to recover.


Project Manager

15 years industry experience, B.S. in Interior Design from McPherson College.

I like that we are similar to an extended family and lifelong friendships have been made. I love Spaces’ approach to the team concept and how it works well to benefit our clients.

I was born in Morocco while my parents were missionaries.

Hilary Smith


Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design from William Woods University. Industry experience of 2 years coming from Knoll to Spaces.

I found a place where I can do what I love and enjoy who I work with and for. Being able to say I am excited to go to work is very rare so I think I am in the right place..

I moved to Nashville right after college graduation to pursue music. Temporarily moved in with a lady off Craigslist and trained her horses for rent and got chased by a goat. Basically my Nashville Experience.

Eric Bosch

Manager of Business Development

Eric is the former architect for the city of Kansas City Missouri.



Leigha Kneedler

Project Manager

10+ years Project Management and 28+ years Sales experience.

The atmosphere and people.  Coming from a large corporation to a smaller family type business atmosphere was the best move I have ever made with my career.

I’ve owned my own clothing boutique for 3 years and my maternal grandmother lived to be almost 102 (independently).  She just passed in April, 2018.  My strong work ethic comes from her and my mother.

Kelsie Wright

Director of Design 

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Kansas State University. 3 years industry experience.

The people, culture, and core values make Spaces a great place to be everyday.

I love all-things arts & crafts.

Brittany Chastain


Bachelor’s degree in interior design with a minor in Business from Kansas State University.


I love the work culture at Spaces. This environment is super welcoming and encouraging. My co-workers are more like friends/family and keep the workday fun and upbeat, while still accomplishing all of our goals!

I have a twin sister and love cats.

Rachel Huffman


Bachelor’s Degree in interior design from Pittsburg State University

Everyone at Spaces seems like a family and is so welcoming and fun to be around! The work is different every day and the open office allows for a creative and collaborative environment!

I was born in California.


Project Coordinator

Eight years industry experience. Spring Hill High School graduate.

I’ve never been told in an interview that “Your family comes first” other than at Spaces. I knew that I’d be able to be a mom and not be overwhelmed with a strict work schedule. When I started I was able to drop my kids off, go to work and be at the school in time to pick them up after school. It’s always been so flexible with work hours here and that takes the stress off all of us and it makes it easier to get your job done every day.

I can’t wait for my kids to get married someday and provide a lot of grandchildren for me to love!



Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from University of Central Missouri. 5 years industry experience.

The relaxed atmosphere is what I love about working here. Every day is like hanging out with your friends and family and that’s what makes Spaces so special.

I went to Harry Potter camp when I was 8 years old (so I’m basically a wizard).


Project Manager

10 years industry experience, Degree in Business

Spaces is a surefire industry leader and everyone is so welcoming. Why not work with some of the best? Do it big like Spaces!

I’m an outdoor enthusiast, and can’t wait to get my newborn son involved!

Penny Barthol

Customer Service Concierge 

Many years industry experience. Degree from University of Kansas.

We have the best people. It’s a family!

I was a clothing buyer in Chicago and a published model.

Andie Fitzpatrick

Brand Strategy Manager 

Associate of Arts Degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Marketing and Product Development


The overall atmosphere at Spaces encourages me to be creative and continue to be a constant learner. I also really enjoy getting to work with a group of people who are so encouraging as I navigate the professional world.

When I am not working at Spaces you may find me on the runway. I have always loved fashion and beauty so getting to connect with people in the fashion industry here in Kansas City keeps my creativity flowing.

Kailey Burger


Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Pittsburg State University



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