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Spaces, Inc. Reviews Office Space Planning & Design Trends of 2016 and What’s Ahead for 2017

The interior design trends that we witnessed in 2016 included a move from traditional workspaces to more collaborative and open spaces. Steve Delfino, vice president of corporate marketing and product management at Teknion, believes that people are looking for more person-to-person interaction at work and in other public settings. Delfino argues that by utilizing pieces such as a community table, one can facilitate more organic interaction between colleagues. According to Fast Company, 2016 was also a year where individuals became more concerned with hiding wires at their desk and offices. This particular trend is one that is expected to carry on well into 2017.

Design Trends

While the concept of integrated technology isn’t new, it’s becoming a growing trend within the office and commercial design space. Smart technology is gradually beginning to saturate both our homes and offices. Many believe that 2017 could be the year that smart technology makes a big leap forward in the office space.


Companies like DIRTT, a prefabricated solutions expert, have partnered with design firms such as Spaces, Inc. in order to help integrate technology into the workspace without the distraction and mess of wires. The solutions they provide are not only clean and efficient, but they’re also easily installed and require relatively little experience for installation.

Design Trends

While the need for offices to convert to smart technology may not be an immediate one, millennials will begin to dominate the workforce in the coming years. Studies show this tech-savvy generation is far more concerned with office functionality and design than their predecessors. This new kind of thinking could begin to force offices to update their appearance in order to appeal millennials, the fastest growing demographic in the country.

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