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The Workplace Reimagined: The Impact of Millennials on Office Design

As more Millennials begin to graduate college and enter the workforce, companies are faced with the challenge of trying to acquire and retain top talent. Unlike previous generations, Millennials are entering the workplace with an increased desire for communication, collaboration and flexibility. This stands in contrast to years past when new employees tended to focus …

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Spaces, Inc. Examines the Millennial’s Effect on Office Design

Millennials, perhaps one of the biggest emerging groups in the workforce, are beginning to expect employers to adjust the age old model of the office to better suit productivity. In a study published by AFRWeekend, researchers found that close to 70 percent of adults aged between 22 and 29 years old were more concerned with …

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Designing Your Office Space Today for the Future: Generation Z Enters the Workplace

  In recent years, we have witnessed significant changes to office design and workplace culture. Open spaces facilitating coworking and collaboration geared towards millennials have replaced closed offices and cubicles, and overall workplace experience focusing on a culture supportive of employee wellness and bonding has taken the stage. But what can we expect in the …

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